yell share.
Yellshare is a brand new door drop service being introduced into the marketplace for 2016 and beyond.

Here at The Letterbox Consultancy, we are always looking to provide the market with cost effective and reliable door drop options, so our clients can take full advantage of the proven effectiveness of the medium.

And this is a great example of that.

Yell deliver over 23 million directories annually, through 104 versions across the UK, each with assigned postal sector territories and volumes. These are delivered in the same month every year.

Now, for the very first time - exclusively through The Letterbox Consultancy - you
can tap into the enormous targeting potential that this can offer a company such as your own.

As you know, Yellow Pages directories are a trusted communications vehicle, with high levels of recall in households across the UK. We believe this will ensure that any associated distribution item would also enjoy that vital benefit.

Yellshare will provide you with a fantastic addition to your door drop targeting options.

Given what it can deliver, we do expect a surge of interest in Yellshare. Demand will be high - and with sharing items limited to two - space will be at a premium. So contact us right away to secure your distribution with Yellshare.

Find out More About Yell share by following the link.